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Christina's and Martin's

Casual Corner On The Net

Andthat is exactly what this is..... Our second webhome away fromhome.

Hereyou will find all of our hobby work, some of our holidays and placeswe've been as well as our yearly report and our renewal of vows. Ifyou'd like to see our professional work then follow the link at thebottom of the page.


Letus tell you a little about ourselves.

Ourages are irrelevant so don't ask. I'm not even sure we want to know.We met at a Dr. Who convention in 1987 and went from pen pals to'partners' in life. We love anime, sci-fi, fantasy, animals(including our family and friends), comics and cartoons, history(ancient and more recent) and so forth. If we were to be specific toour tastes we'd fill this whole page up with stuff. The horse in thepicture above is Rocky. He belongs to our friend Melissa and is anoversized dog in our opinion. We've never seen a horse come, whencalled, so obediently as Rocky. He should be in films. Which lead usto what we do.

Martin: Prop maker, special effects, genius. On ourprofessionalpageyou'll find his work on EFC, Total Recall 2070, X-Men the movie and aton of others.

Christina: Actor, writer, extreme. On that sameprofessionalpageyou'll find headshots and her resume along with a ton of other pics.She's done some co-producing, assistant directing and whatever neededto be done on a ton of independent productions and did a little workfor YTV's System Crash.


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Our 2001 Report

Our Renewal of Vows

Not all ofour hobby projects are on these pages. If you remember us havingsomething at a con or if something is mentioned without a picture itis not a figment of everyone's imagination. They exist they're justnot here. ;-)

Hopefullywe'll have time for an update..

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