Babylon 5

When Babylon 5 hittelevision we fell in love with the tall silent type.... Kosh. Hequickly became one of our favourite characters. When we decided to doa Bab5 entry for Toronto Trek Kosh was a natural choice. Delennbecame the second character. At Visions' masquerade we did a skitwhere the truth of Kosh is revealed as being Pinky and The Brain andat Toronto Trek we used Wakko and Yakko. Great audience response.Toronto Trek 10 had a huge B5 presence. In the Toronto Trek groupshot, we honestly couldn't tell you who all these other people aroundus are, BUT we can tell you that this is 50% of the Bab 5 entriesthere.

At Costume Con we hadthe assistance of Louise Hypher and did a skit where Delenn iscomplaining about not being able to understand Sheridan. Kosh is nohelp. Louise comes up and reassures Delenn that he probably won'tunderstand as we have no idea what sex is like for a Vorlon or howmany are in one suit. When he turns his back to the stage (with 'youdon't' as a response) a sign is hooked on stating


We got a goodlaugh.

Delenn does not make thebest hall costume as the make-up requires maintenance and Martincan't use Kosh as a hall costume so.... Psi corps here we come.Basic, easy and comfortable, not to mention great outfits to judgemasquerade in.

Psi Cops: Speak no evil.Hear no evil. See no evil.... Yeah right!

 Kosh and Delenn: Delenn's outfit is mock silk in order to keepcosts down. Bone and forehead were self made from whipped latex andthe Buckle and pin of Sculpey. Kosh's 'shoulders' are wire frame andpapier mache. The head is styrene. Other materials include variousvinyls, and stained glass painted acrylic. The iris is operationaland so is the voice and corresponding lights.

Photo: Costume Con 15. Masquerade.

Photo Credit: Ken Warren

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