X-Men And Generation X


Wolverinehas always been an X-Men favourite so we just had to do him. As forJean. She just seemed the best choice. Our skits on stage consistedof Wolverine once more trying to talk Jean into dumping Scott(Cyclops) and being with him. With working claws Wolverine's presencewas felt. Once more John added another character to our alreadycompleted pair of costumes. Gambit joined us on Hallowe'en and we,once more, roamed Yonge St. in downtown Toronto.


Wolverine,Jean and Gambit: More lycra and more patience. Jean's outfit waspretty straight forward but Wolverine's required a muscle suit andworking claws. The close-up gives you the opportunity to see Jean'sred wig and Wolverine's extended claws more clearly.
All right.Truth be told. These costumes were just a ploy to get Christina intoa corset. Well. It worked. The one 'Emma cold as snow shot' was takenwhen we decided to wear these as hall costumes at Visions. It woundup being the front of half of our Christmas Cards. Better be naughty.She can read your mind. The Movie version competed at Ad Astra but wenever got to compete the comic book versions. They became hallcostumes.

 EmmaFrost and Sean Cassidy : Or the White Queen and Banshee. It seemedthe right opportunity to see how Christina looks as a blonde. Theseoutfits are fashioned after the ones from the Generation X movie onFox.

Emma andSean Comic: Banshee's outfit from the comic book required moreattention than the movie's. He wears the traditional Xavier colours,as well as a 'sound wave' cape, and armoured boots. The boots aremade from heat formed styrene.
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