Christina's and Martin's Renewal Of Vows

(Medieval Style)

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First off I(Christina) feel I need to say something that is always in the backof my mind.

WhenMartin and I got married 10 years ago we had already been a couplefor 4 years and were enjoying our time on stage as well as off. Beinga couple did not stop us from playing the parts that we needed toplay. Hugs, kisses, whatever we had to do for the successfulinterpretation of that character was convincinglyconveyed.

Now.When we got married and I wore my wedding ring I found it moredifficult to get any roles that may require closeness to anothercharacter. I have been told that it is because those productions aresmall scale and a married woman with a husband who may get jealous(and insist she quit) is a large risk. I do not pretend to know ifthis is or is not true.

Becauseof this I have always referred to Martin as my partner and he I. Ialso don't wear my ring on a regular basis (The shadow it creates onyour finger is another faux pas) and neither does he (partiallybecause he is always sticking his hands near live wires at work).This has never affected our love for each other. We have always andwill always love each other just as much as we did when we first met.I will always be an actor pushing for the roles I want and know I cando. We will never change in those aspects.

What ithas done is kept me from putting anything, like this page, up on thenet for fear of a Casting Director seeing it and changing their mindsabout me. I have always feared that someone could see this and I willlose another role.

I wantyou all to know that we are happy and that this kind of love ispossible. I want the world to know that success is obtainable if youjust hold on. To prove this desire to educate the world this page isbeing put up and I am declaring my love for Martin openly. If you area CD please enjoy the pictures and the event for what they are. Ifyou are a friend or simply a visitor... Same goes for you.


Christina Carr

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I have been asked to post on our page the invite design and more onthe scroll.

Well. Here itis!!!

Click here to get a close look atthe broach I gave him and the necklace he gave me.

MORE?YUP!!! Clickhere to get a look at pictures friends took.

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