Renewal Of Vows

Christina's and Martin's Renewal Of Vows

(Medieval Style)

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June 8,1991. Guild Inn Scarborough. Christina Carr and Martin Hunger gotmarried in an outdoor ceremony using the Guild's Amphitheatre. Aswonderful as it was they ultimately wanted something a littledifferent. They swore they'd have it.

June 9,2001. Ten years later, they (with the help of friends) got what theywanted. They renewed their vows in a Medieval style ceremony andspent the day surrounded by joy and merriment.

PartOne: Flashback

June 8,1991. The Guild Inn's Amphitheatre was the centre for many of ourphotos as well as our ceremony.

As itsoon became again on June 9, 2001.

Thistime we also went into the back area to the new pieces of 'ruin' thathave been placed subtly out of sight.

The daywas already turning out to be beautiful and was favouring ourplans.

The daystarted well. One of Martin's co-workers (Scott) traded vehicles withus as his had air-conditioning and ours was pre-packed the nightbefore with necessities for the event. Scott took our 4X4 to thecelebration area while we went to the Guild for phototaking.

Thefirst mishap of the day was me getting into Scott's slightly tallerCherokee (Our Rodeo is shorter). I sat back on the clipped up trainof the dress and snapped the hook that was holding it in place. Wewent to East York Town Centre and stopped by the Second Cup(Partially to say hi to the one girl there and to shock her). Whilewe were there we picked up some brass safety pins and pinned thetrain up.

Thisdidn't last long as the pins pull on the fabric and I was concernedabout any damage that may ensue so after the first few pics we tookout the pins and I spent the day carrying the train. Oh well. Ididn't mind too much.

OH! Iwant to take this moment to make a special thank you to AndrewBergstrom who spent 16 hours cutting my 'circlet' for my head byhand. He was going to run it through a lazer cutter at his work butwhen the machine failed him he kept his promise to me by cutting itby hand. You are amazing Andrew!!!

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PhotoCredit: Vivian Hutcheson

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