Batman Animated

One Hallowe'enwe chose to do Harley Quinn and Joker. We wanted to do them not onlyfor the outfits but for the the challenge of doing the charactersthemselves. The voices and mannerisms are definitely not that ofaverage people. We had the costumes so we competed in them for AdAstra, two years running. The one year it was just the two of us thenJohn Rakich joined us as Batman. Hallowe'en, Masquerade, we evenshowed up for Ed The Sock's 'bat' episode. I'd say these costumes gotsome good use.

The onetime we went downtown for Hallowe'en we parked the car at a subwaystop and took the subway into the core. When we came back more peoplewere with us than when we had left so John decided to walk with a fewof the others while we drove. Envision this; Joker behind the wheel,Harl beside him, costumed freaks in the back and Batman walking downthe street. Now... Add the Joker leaning out the window laughing,Harl out the other one yelling 'wheeeeee' and Batman running down thesidewalk, cape flowing out behind him chasing after the car. I don'tthink we need to describe the look on the face of the old man sittingon the front steps of the senior home. Do we?

As formaterials and construction... Lycra, lycra and more lycra. A ton ofpatience. John's Bat cape was a day and a half alone. He's 6 footsomething and we wanted it to 'flow' when he picked up speed.Martin's nose and chin we're hand done using a casting of his ownface, plastercine playing, plaster casting and latex finalproduct.
Photo Credit:KevinBrew

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