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Maryland RenaissanceFestival


MORELaura and Andrew (& Baby Olivia)

Onlya couple of weeks after the Sept. 11 Crisis we headed down toBaltimore once

Moreto visit Laura and Andrew and the new baby.

Itwas a lttle harder to cross the border but with Christina's move toVancouver

closeat hand and Martin's soon following her this was going to be

theonly time we were going to get to see the new baby while she was

still'new' and we knew we were going to miss these wonderfulpeople.

whohave added so wonderfully to our lives.



OntarioRenaissance Festival

Theweekend after Toronto Trek (2001 #15) we headed off to theRenaissance Festival here in Ontario.

It isa half decent sized festival in Milton Ontario and we thoroughlyenjoyed ourselves. Nancy and Jo came along for the day

andwe enjoyed the festivities and the entertainers. I can safely saythat I enjoyed myself so much that I am now addicted.

NOW!I want to go to all the other Festivals. HUZZAH!!


Laura andAndrew

Baltimore andBeyond

Anumber of years ago we met a wonderful couple at Toronto Trek. wespent some time together and grew a

wonderful friendship out of the experience. In 1997Baltimore hosted Costume Con and we spent most of the

weekend with Laura and Andrew. Since that conventionwe have gone to Baltimore as often as we

couldand they have come up here to Toronto when ever they can. Iconsidered putting pics up from the Baltimore

convention but there is no shortage of pics on thenet SO I have decided to put more 'general' and

holiday type shots up from a few of the morememorable trips. Now that Laura is pregnant we hope to have

somebaby pictures on the net before the beginning of next year.

Welove you guys!!!



For agood chunk of September Christina was in Los Angeles, more to thepoint Los Feliz. She went on down

to dosome research on the structure of the Entertainment Industry and howit differs from here in Canada as

wellas meet those she had been talking to on the alt.acting newsgroup.Her great friend (met here in TO in the late 80s)

Christine James (who is artistic in LA as awriter/editor for Boxoffice Magazine) was kind enough to let her stayat

herplace. Christine and her husband Heinrich (actor), were perfect hostsand threw a BBQ for her and dragged

her(yeah right. Took no coaxing at all) to a toy show. She talked tomany people down there and is now

seriously considering a move to there (or anywhere-actually) in the near future. Anywhere where art can be created.

Shewent Horseback riding with Angie and Cemetery hopping with David. Sheeven met up with Stacie Mistysyn

(Canadian actress - Degrassi Jr. High/High) whograciously traded time for hearing stories of her little brother's

(Cory) success in the music industry, up here inCanada. And just to make sure the Canadian in her was still alive sheeven went

tosee the Martin Short Show. In order to not bore you, only a fewpictures from the adventure

arehere, on the page. Enjoy.


Tomake life a little easier on us, the Convention section is linked tothe SFsq. webpage. Most of the reports

therewere written by Christina and many of the pictures include the bothof them and many of their friends.


Sothis one's here. I just had to.

HEY!If anyone has video or pics from this con, please let us know. We areseeking copies of

guestspeeches we missed and (of course) our droid. Thanks!

Lastbut not least: