Star Trek

StarTrek has been a major part of many people's lives. Ours is noexception.

Westarted taking part in the Toronto Trek parody plays and found thatthis was a good outlet for our creative juices.

Wewanted more. Before we knew it TT was asking us to take care of theirbridge

(including a complete redesign and rebuild),eventually asking us to build them a shuttle.

To topit off, Paramount Home Video contacted us and offered us jobs. Not aspaper pushers

butcharacters for promos, video release parties and the like. Birthdayparties and barmitzvas followed.

It was asuccessful time for our steps from hobby to career and we can thankthe wonderful

KenMagerman from Paramount Home Video for giving us that littleshove.


The USS Pearse, Shuttle Hawkeye,and DS9 miniature station.

Star Trek Characters (Troi,Data, Dax, Bashir, Klingon, etc....)

Star Trek federation Props(PADDs, tricorders, phaser, etc.)

Star Trek Klingon props(levek, batleth, disruptor)

Toronto Trek Parody Playcasts