Star Trek has been a majorpart of many people's lives. Ours is no exception. We started takingpart in the Toronto Trek parody plays and found that this was a goodoutlet for our creative juices. We wanted more. Before we knew it TTwas asking us to take care of their bridge (including a completeredesign and rebuild), eventually asking us to build them a shuttle.To top it off, Paramount Home Video contacted us and offered us jobs.Not as paper pushers but characters for promos, video release partiesand the like. Birthday parties and barmitzvas followed. It was asuccessful time for our steps from hobby to career and we can thankthe wonderful Ken Magerman from Paramount Home Video for giving usthat little shove.


Note: Caitian and Klingon:What else do you do right after you get married. Two characters thathate each other's guts. Martin hand sewed each vinyl strip togetherfor his Klingon outfit while Christina spent countless hours beadingthe back of her cape. This is a good example of our early prostheticwork.

Photo Credits: Peter Sprokkelenburg,