Federation Props

Doing work for Ken fromParamount Home Video meant that anything we used while out in publichad to be up to par to the actuals on set. Ken would check each andevery gadget we added to our costumes. It was an incredibleexperience. It forced us to learn and learn and not stoplearning.

PADDs: These are simplymade of styrene and painted the appropriate colour. We did KlingonPADDs the same way. Graphics are done on our Mac.

Tricorders: There were many madefor others but only two we called our own. One is a Next Gen replica,the other a DS9 replica. They are made from styrene and boastoperational lights and sounds. A magnetic switch turns the functionson and off as the hinged cover opens and closes.

Phaser: This is a customPhaser. Lights and sounds were included in this prop.