Toronto Trek Parody Plays

Toronto Trek. A conventionthat has been around for many years. We took very active part in therunning of this convention. Christina was Media relations, second incommand on Props and Properties crew (Bridge, shuttle, etc.),continued to compete in Masquerade, most recently a member of asci-fi improv group (Who's Trek Is It Anyway?) and Martin was head ofProps and Properties crew, assistant to Christina for Media andcompeted in Masquerade. Both took active part in the ParodyPlays.

We enjoyed our time gettingup on stage and portraying some of the wonderful characters in theStar Trek universe but what we liked the most was ripping apart thewonderful characters in the Star Trek universe. After all... It wasPARODY!! We did five of the TT plays but only have cast pics of fourof them. Enjoy.