Dr. Who

The two ofus met at Who Party 9 (1987) and quickly became inseparable. As Dr.who was one of our first loves (as well as each other) we decided tocompete as often as possible as Dr. Who characters. That evolved.Christina went to Brantford (Martin's home town at the time) forHallowe'en and was greeted by a Dalek in the driveway. Before we knewit Martin lived in Toronto with Chris and the dalek and various bitsjoined him. At that time they already had the dalek, Christina'stracer (Gift from Martin to go with her costume), the first TardisConsole, the cybermat, Ace's Tapedeck (added in time for Ad Astra 9)and various little gadgets for 'The Doctor' to play with.

They workedalong side Ed Charpentier (K-9's replicator) to form 'The Not The BBCProps Dept.' and traveled from convention to convention with a 'Dr.Who' replica museum. The stage skits were as simple as Ace's Tapedeckcausing problems and the stage being covered with tribbles whilelooking for the Dr's tools in Ace's backpack to The Kandyman andDaisy K from the happiness patrol catching up to The Dr. andAce.

Martintaught and learnt a lot from this time. Colleen's daisy K gun andRani wrist controller were gifts to her and Christina's tracer andtapedeck equally so. Christina helped Martin rebuild the Dalek beforethe group got to it and under Martin's guidance rebuilt him again.The group also took to Martin's instruction well in order to rebuildthe Tardis console. They both learnt how to head up teams andorganise trips. Christina learned more about stage presenting and howto do more building and constructing. It was a good time. Due tocommitments in life they are no longer part of NTBBCPD but many ofthe props still hold up. The Police Box is a storage closest in theshop, the console sits in the basement, the tapedeck on a shelf andthe dalek... Well... Poor boy had a wall drop on him. Sheered hisballs right off. OUCH!!

Dalek: Madeof plastics, tin plate and plywood. The operator sits inside,strapped to a seat and a battery pack. The voice is amplified throughan amplifier and the lights on the head respond. The gun also fires.Little secret... The top of the head is a salvaged mirrored securitydome.

Ace'sTapedeck: Made of plywood and tin plate our replica tape deck woundup being lighter (according to Sophie Aldred) than the original. Ithas blinking lights and a working tape player.

 Police Box: Built with plywood and plastics.Lettering was done by hand and a flashing light was added to the topfor a complete effect. This prop comes apart and goes together justlike a large jigsaw puzzle.

 Console Room: Made of plywood and plastics.There are over 500 light bulbs, working monitor screens and anoperational time rotor. It was made to break down into smaller pieces.

Cybermat:Made using printer's tin, fibreglass and a remote control car. Wediscovered awfully fast that that tin really plays with the remotesignal and had to make sure the receiving antenna was in thefibreglass head.

 Kandyman: Made for Ed Charpentier, for Visions'90. Lots of Styrofoam balls were dipped in a coating by a team ofmany. Tin, papier mache and plenty of foam was used. The eyes arewired to spin.