Star Wars Sabers and Props

Like anyother Science Fiction production gadgets are a plenty. These are ourreplicas and originals to go with ours and other people'soutfits.

 BothQui Gon Saber and Padme pistol were made from Lexan and Aluminum.Both were hand crafted from scratch. The Pistol is hollow and haselectronics in it. The barrel lights up and it 'sounds' when fired.The body and barrel were vacuum metallised to get that metalliceffect. The handle was hand shaped and painted with automotive paint.The Saber was completely done then masked and painted. The wholesaber was turned on a lathe (like the two ends of the pistol body)and the post is a CB microphone post to match the microphone clip onthe belt. It is designed to accept a rod for the blade. Both weremade before we saw the movie. Now that we have, the urge to doanother saber is almost overwhelming... Almost.... Alright... Downright feasible.

This custommade Maul Saber has 2 clusters of superbright LEDs. When the rods areplaced in either end they glow. Each end has it's own button so youcan light either or both ends.

The saberon the right was custom made using a Martin's nephew's description ofhis role playing character's saber. It is made from acrylic tubing,aluminum, and styrene. The stand was custom made for displaying hissaber, on a shelf and, of course, the saber has a belt loop in casehe decides to wear it as a costume accessory.

ThreeLightsabers: These interpretations of the originals are made ofacrylic tubing, aluminum, and styrene. They were made as costumeaccessories and are therefore non-operational.

The customsaber on the left was one Christina threw together from scrap aroundthe shop just to prove that it can be done.

This VaderSaber was custom made for a friend of a friend. A vibrantly paintedrod is used as a blade.

 We'vehad a number of people ask us how we did the buckle. I basically tookthick 8th" Styrene and heated it up till it could be bent andcarefully bent it over a form with the same curve as a buckle shouldbe. Then I cut out the shape of the buckle (heat and bend first asheating could change the shape and warp it) and cut out the detail inthin styrene. Once glued down I drilled two little holes (for theposts) for an old pair of earrings I had (can also use plastic halfdomes), for the round spots and glued them into place. Painted it allsilver and, once dry, brushed black paint around the edges of all thedetail and then wiped it all with Q-Tips, to darken the edges without leaving a solid line and 'aging' the silver to make it look alittle 'tarnished' and more realistic.

 Justa look at what a prop can do for the complete look of acostume.


Close up ofMartin's Qui-Gon communicator. A lady shaver... Humph. Still can'tbelieve it.