The true hero.It is amazing how we can become attracted to a tin can withpersonality. We actually started he little guy a number of years agoand put him aside due to lack of finances and time. It took five anda half years to collect the parts in order to build the little guy.After all of that collecting we finally had enough material and wasable to obligate just enough time to complete our baby. The followingare a number of pictures for you to enjoy.


 The completed Droid takeshis first steps. After all this time he rolls around our place as ifhe owns it. Here he roams around the shop, posing for the camera.Bored out of his little skull he decided to extend his computer probeand go in search of an interface. Once the arm reaches its max.length the end rotates..... Little flirt!!! This photo shows many ofhis panels open. The two smaller panels are his recharging port andhis auxiliary port for running a soldering iron, or maybe a smallportable vacuum off of. You can also see his computer interfacearm.

R2 part Two


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